My house & My flat

Each house is a separate unit that is self-sufficient in terms of energy and at the same time also a functional part of the whole complex. We paid attention to the tiniest details when designing the houses. They can perfectly use both energy and rainwater and we made their operation and security easier for you thanks to smart housing system. For us, the story does not end with handing the keys over. We want the whole complex to further develop and you like living in it.

Blue-green living

Thanks to the partial independence on classical energy resources and with smart systems that effectively use energy and rainwater, passive housing is comfortable and is good for both nature and the costs of living.

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Types of houses

The urbanisation is based on a placement design of solitary family houses. The solitary houses are of two basic volume types. Along the stream, a larger house called XXL will be placed. In the space defined by the communications, a smaller type called L will be placed. The central park is lined by row buildings: six terraced houses called S. On the western border of the area stands a “closing building”, the two-storey apartment house called ALLEY.

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Interiors & Standards of execution

The basic concept when thinking about interiors of the individual buildings was the idea of coherence in character of the whole project. And this means not only the interior equipment itself, but a comprehensively designed exterior of the whole residential complex. The introduced harmony of used exterior materials is reflected in individual elements for furnishing of houses and flats. The overall impression of the project carries itself in the spirit of harmony with the landscape. From the urban concept, all the way to the selection of materials, the project strives to blend in with the surrounding landscape which plays a very important role in the project.

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