About us

The Ctěnický háj residential project was created in cooperation with a number of experts who are united by the desire to move development projects and the housing in them towards a more responsible approach to nature and future generations, to ensure continuity and better facilities for all people who will live in the locality and its neighbourhood. This brings together the previously un-combined - passive housing in a unique design, a residential quarter concept thought out to the last detail, the emphasis on care for a healthy body and healthy mind and, last but not least, ecological and environmentally friendly technologies that innovatively manage energy and water. The concept was planned with great insight and attention to detail. It brings solutions for future homeowners in various aspects, but at the same time gives them plenty of freedom in everything they will wish to make a decision on. So who is behind this innovative project?

Atlantis Development

The Atlantis Development company was founded with a clear vision. We want to design residential projects that will provide the highest quality of living to people along with an ecological and sustainable approach towards the handling of energy and water sources. Our projects are intended for all who would like to live their life in interesting localities where the connection of nature with modern technologies and infrastructure – transportation, communication and energy as well – work naturally. Equally important to us is the endeavour to help create healthy communities of residents in our projects and the relevant municipalities.

Ctěnický háj

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