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The Ctěnický háj residential project originated and is executed by a number of experts, who have one thing in common: it is the desire to shift development projects and housing within them towards a more responsible approach, towards the people that will live in them and in the surroundings, towards nature, towards further generations. Thanks to this, what has never been joined before is coming together now. Passive housing with an original design, concept of a residential area designed to the last detail, preservation of care for human health and mind even after the keys to the home are handed over to the owners and not in the least, ecological technologies that provide innovative management of energies and water. The concept was planned taking a greater, detached view, however, with a sense for detail at the same time. It solves a lot of issues for future owners of houses and flats, but it still provides them with enough freedom in everything that they would like to decide on. So, who is behind this innovative project?

Atlantis Development

The Atlantis Development company was founded with a clear vision. We want to design residential projects that will provide the highest quality of living to people along with ecological and sustainable approach towards the handling of energy and water sources. Our projects are intended for all who would like to live their life on interesting localities where the connection of nature with modern technologies and infrastructure – transportation, communication and energetic as well – work naturally.

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Insight Home, a.s.

Insight Home, a.s.

We have been using state-of-the-art technologies every day for many years now, for instance, in our cars, smart phones or personal computers. In the last years, they have been penetrating even our offices or homes. Global surveys show that in environments where the air quality is managed along with individual temperature and right lighting, people are able to work, study and relax better. And this is precisely the area that the company Insight Home focuses on. The company is active not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Poland or Russia. Since 2009, it constructed over 100 exclusive residential villas and many luxurious residential projects. Special projects were, for example, the furnishing and management of the Proton centre or Galerie Černá labuť, which was designed under the lead of the prominent world architect Eva Jiřičná.

Individual houses within the Ctěnický háj project are prepared for a system of smart housing inHome. If you’re interested in getting to know this system in person, arrange a meeting at the presentation site: Centrum inspirace pro technologie inovativního bydlení (Centre of inspiration for technologies of innovative housing) - www.CITIB.eu.It is located in Prague 4, street K Dýmači 126. Arrange the meeting at +420 603 52 50 50 or at ctenice@InsightHome.eu.

For almost ten years, the company Insight Home, a.s. has been offering a system of smart housing inHome and for the same time, I have been using it also in my own home. All the passive houses within the Ctěnický háj project are ready for this system. I will be very happy to share my experience with a smart household with you or in case of your interest we will design a smart housing precisely according to your needs and expectations. If you’re interested in getting to know the possibilities of the inHome system more closely, I am inviting you to our Centre of inspiration for technologies of innovative housing – www.CITIB.eu or call us.

Prague Plus Real Estate s.r.o.

Prague Plus Real Estate s.r.o.

We have been successfully active on the real-estate market since 2009, when we applied and used previous real-estate experience of both our partner that have owned and effectively managed the company until today. We follow up experience with selling of second-hand real-estate and our great advantage is, that we know the area in question, along with the solutions and client service in selling units from development projects. We concern ourselves with consultations for development companies in the area of sales and marketing.

We pay attention to high level of ethical commercial conduct, modern marketing and top-quality legal service.

In our activities in real-estate networks and generally on the market, we have worked ourselves up to be a respected and successful agency with minimal fluctuation and a stable team of people who undergo network, real-estate educational programmes, that are based on experience not only from abroad.

We focus on the customer and on the resolution of their needs.

We work on recommendations, our clients are clients for life.

Martin Jindrák

Martin Jindrák

He graduated from the High electrotechnical school in Olomouc. During 1993 – 2002, he designed constructions from prefabricated wooden structures in the company RD Rýmařov including the adaptation of the construction system of RD Rýmařov and design of the construction “NOVA”. From 2002 to 2013, he worked in the company Atrea s.r.o and devoted himself to the issues of warm air heating, controlled ventilation with waste heat recovery and microclimate in family houses, apartment houses and schools, mainly in relation to energy passive buildings. Currently, he’s been working on these topics in his own design office, along with designing of air-conditioning, carrying out energy audits and providing certification of buildings.

He takes part in commenting on implementation of directives on energy performance of buildings and preparations of technical background materials for the programme New green savings or grant titles for the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic for industry or public buildings – and not only in the section of air-conditioning systems.

Within promotion activities, he’s been teaching courses of the association Centre of the Passive House, who he is a member of. He’s been collaborating on seminars by ČKAIT (Czech chamber of authorised engineers and technicians) and by Association of energy specialists. He is an authorised technician for technology of construction environment, with specialisation in heating and air-conditioning.

Since 2004, he’s been living with his family in one of the first energy passive buildings in the Czech Republic – EPD Rychnov. He also participated in many other pilot events for passive houses: BD Dubňany, BD for seniors Modřice etc.

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