An ideal home for you

Great housing for families, couples and individuals - Ctěnický háj is a place where everyone who is looking for modern comfort, safety and eco-friendly housing surrounded by nature will find their dream home. Our work does not just finish after we furnish you with the keys to your new home. We want the whole complex to continue to develop and you to enjoy living there.

An ideal home for you


Each of us wants the best for our family. Peace, comfort and safety. You can imprint the same responsibility you feel towards your loved ones on the style and manner in which you live.

Imagine a beautiful house surrounded by meadows and woods. Comfortable living in an ideal sized house with a landscaped garden for your children to play in peace, with a playground and a relaxation area by the water just a few steps from the house - without worrying that your child will be hit by a car as soon as he or she goes out on the street. In simple terms, a home where you can give your children a fulfilling childhood without the many restrictions and rules that the anonymity of cities forces us to follow. Now add to that the fact that such a home can be not only beautiful, but also friendly - to nature and to your wallet. The unique architectural solution for passive houses, including preparation for smart solutions under the client change options. Convenience and safety, in a beautiful place, for you and your family. You don't have to just dream about it. Come and see how dreams can be turned into reality.

Move from an apartment in a busy city to a house with nature within easy reach

Exchanging an apartment in a busy city for your own house may be simpler than you think. What's more, it is an eco-friendly house with unique architecture that you won't find anywhere else. Our specialist will help you with the mortgage financing and its parameters so that it will cost you as little as possible to make your dream of having your own house come true. We will be only too happy to also help you arrange the refinancing of your existing mortgage and secure favourable terms. And then it is just up to you whether you will go for the home you've always wanted. We can help and advise you on everything else.


Sometimes one wonders just how fast time flies by. How quickly retirement came, which seemed so far away for so long. And with it, at last, the opportunities to live the life we desire, without all the responsibilities that come with the day to day work process. You suddenly have the chance to make more time for what you enjoy, for what you derive pleasure from, for your loved ones.

Living in the Ctěnický háj area is not only peaceful, quiet and comfortable, but also economical and responsible towards future generations. Eco-friendly homes reduce the costs of running the whole household as well as the dependence on energy suppliers.

Move from a city apartment into an economical well-appointed home in a beautiful location full of greenery

Tired of living amidst the hustle and bustle of the city? Would you like to move from a big apartment in the centre to a smaller one near nature? What would you say to a modern, barrier-free apartment with a small garden or a house with a garden instead of an impractical older apartment? Don't give up on your dreams. Start living them. As the saying goes, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is right now.” Make yourself happy. Live the life you've always wanted and make it happen for your children. In a place where you will not be anonymous, where you will know your neighbours and they will know you. In a place where you will feel comfortable, where you will be able to spend hours relaxing by the reservoirs and enjoy the soothing view of the water from a bench. In a place where your grandchildren can play outside without fear. You can spend your free time walking around the site, either in Ctěnice Grove, which is just a few steps away from the whole complex, or perhaps head to the Ctěnice Chateau park. Culture lovers will also come into their own here, thanks to chamber concerts staged directly in the chateau grounds.


A hectic lifestyle takes its toll on most of us. The pace of work and the stresses of the job require a greater deal of rest and relaxation. But where can you find the time in the hustle and bustle of the city? Relaxation zones are often out of reach and it takes a half an hour or more to drive to the woods for a walk. So why not solve everything by moving to that very place where you would go to for some peace and quiet?

A unique architectural solution for eco-friendly housing that you simply won't find anywhere else

Healthy, beautiful and well-appointed housing in the locality of Ctěnický háj stands out from all previously implemented development projects thanks to its unique architectural design. Nowadays, great emphasis is placed on style, on uniqueness - everyone is looking for it somewhere else and in something different.

Housing in Ctěnický háj is exceptional in several respects - due to its location in a quiet piece of natural land, yet a short distance from the busy streets of the big city, with a complete and utter departure from the uniformity of all classic new buildings, plus having an emphasis placed on sustainability, ecology and functional design.

Leisure time in nature or on the golf course?

Do you like active relaxation? Then you will fall in love with living in the Ctěnický háj complex! You will be able to indulge in nature walks to your heart´s content, because just a few steps from your house or apartment there are plenty of places to explore. If you are a bicycle fan, you will undoubtedly appreciate the cycle path. You can also go horse riding or golfing in the nearby area. And can you imagine those beautiful romantic strolls through the chateau grounds under the starry sky, which just can't be seen so well in the city centre because of the light pollution?

Exchange your rented accommodation in the city for the apartment of your choice

Exchanging your rented accommodation in a busy city for your own apartment near a beautiful natural locality is a dream-come true. And making it happen may be easier than you think. You can consult our specialist about mortgage financing and its parameters so that seeing your dream home become a reality would cost you as little as possible. The specialist can help you in all aspects, from the first application form to the last signature. With 20 years of mortgage experience, he can negotiate the best terms and conditions available for you.

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