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The area near Ctěnický háj is not only about beautiful places suitable for relaxation, daily walks or special trips, but also about all civic amenities for a comfortable life.

Ctěnický háj

Ctěnice grove

Originally, a game preserve of the Ctěnice Chateau, this forest park features a natural "promenade" and the memorable "Miran Oaks".

Vinořský park

Vinoř park

Situated on the southern outskirts of Vinoř, this nature reserve is connected to the Satalice Bažantnice (Pheasantry). It is an ideal place for walking, running, cycling and resting. You can indulge in sports or just relax. Boasting three ponds and geological formations, the park is the habitat of varied plant and animal species. Interesting, isn’t it? Yes, real nature still exists in the city, but not just anywhere. Here it lies within your easy reach!

Potoky a rybníky

Brooks and Ponds

Three brooks flow through Vinoř and around Přezletice, feeding a total of 7 ponds, one on Ctěnice Brook and 6 on Vinoř Brook. The most famous ponds are Ctěnický, Malá and Velká Obůrka and the so-called Pohančák. All of them are really nice places for relaxation while walking. During the year, you can use the cycling and walking trails, and in winter it is a great place for some skating fun. Those who have ever tried it know that there is nothing like skating on a pond. Thanks to the care of the village, the surroundings of the ponds are beautifully maintained. The local Fishermen's Association ensure the exemplary care of the watercourses and ponds.

Mateřská škola Přezletice

Přezletice Kindergarten

A kindergarten is located in Kaštanová Street. Almost brand new, as it was constructed in 2011, this establishment has a capacity for 50 children and consists of two classes. It is a modern kindergarten with a homely feel to it, yet with fixed rules, multifunctional play elements and enthusiastic teachers, who look after the children with the utmost attention and care. With a new pavilion currently under preparation, the capacity of the school will increase by 100%.

Mateřská škola Vinoř

Vinoř Kindergarten

Forming a part of the elementary school since 2008, the kindergarten has the capacity for 208 children and there are 8 classes - with morning lessons and afternoon activities for children and interest clubs. All classrooms have been renovated and provide new and fully compliant facilities for the care of pre-school children.

Základní škola Přezletice

Construction of an Elementary School in Přezletice

The new elementary school will offer places for 540 pupils from the village of Přezletice and neighbouring Jenštejn and Podolanka. The basic features of the future cluster school complex, i.e. a school built jointly by several municipalities within their voluntary cluster, are already visible. The site is expected to be completed in spring 2023. The new school will be a great benefit for families with children.

Cyklostezky v okolí Ctěnického háje

Cycle Paths near Ctěnický háj

This is simply paradise! Of course, we are talking about the project called "Prague on a Bike". Yes, we do understand that the region of Prague is not comparable to the mountain areas of the Dolomites or the Alps, but whoever takes his or her bike out of the garage or basement is just one step away from daily rides along beautiful trails. They lead in several directions: to Kbely, Letňany, Satalice, Vinoř and Jenštejn. You can experience a real forest ride if you peddle through Ctěnice Grove and follow the route through Satalice to Vinoř Park and Satalice Game Preserve.

Tenisové kurty Přezletice a Vinoř

Tennis Courts in Přezletice and Vinoř

Tennis enthusiasts can make use of classic clay courts near the Sokolovna Hall in Vinoř, where there are 2 courts available, including equipment. The U hřiště courts in Přezletice are now open again and run by TJ Sokol Přezletice sports club. If nothing else, you will feel the atmosphere of the village concept of movement and sport. Please don't expect facilities like at the Hamr tennis centre, but you can be sure that this place will offer you some interesting sporting opportunities. So let the clay court duels of Federers and Nadals commence.

Dětské a travnaté hřiště Přezletice

Přezletice Grass Pitch and Children's Playground

A grass pitch and children's playground are available as part of the public space in the village in a place called U hřiště. This area is managed by the local TJ Sokol sports club with the help of the Přezleťáci association. If you want to combine a stroll with some fun for your children and not just walk in the side streets around your house, take advantage of all the possibilities on offer in the neighbourhood of your new home. Go for it!

Tělocvična Základní školy Vinoř

Vinoř Elementary School Gym

The gym of the elementary school is used for recreational sports activities for both children and adults. One of the attractions is definitely floorball. Check out the elementary school website to learn more.

Fotbalový klub

Football Club

Do you like football and not only as a spectator? Then you can make use of the grass football pitch with some "artificial" surface and lighting in Bohdanečská Street. You will get there in a few minutes on foot through Ctěnice Grove, directly from your new home. The pitch is managed by the Sports Association and TJ Sokol Vinoř Football Club. Football here is quite simply a tradition.

Golfové hřiště Vinoř – Twin Chapel

Twin Chapel Vinoř Golf Course

The golf course is situated not far from the Ctěnický háj complex. Get your golf bag from the garage and after a 5 minute walk you will be standing on the driving range or the course. Take a stroll through Ctěnice Grove and in just a few moments you will reach the 27-hole course. Today golf is no longer just a luxurious social event for the chosen few; it is a sporting and relaxing activity for adults and children. So, just a few steps from home, you can start practicing your swing at will.

Jízdárna a jezdecký klub na Ctěnickém zámku

Riding Hall and Riding Club at Ctěnice Chateau

Fans of equestrian sports and those who prefer the view of the world from horseback can visit a riding hall and riding club at Ctěnice Chateau. If horses are your hobby, you will be pleased to know that there is a horse trail starting at the very foot of the Ctěnický háj complex leading to the stables of the chateau riding club. If you are into more sophisticated sports, then you should know that polo matches are held in the nearby meadow along Bohdanečská Street. Did you know that this game originated in ancient times in Persia? That´s what we call "a sport with history and tradition".



Cricket is a real delicacy among bat and ball games. Not far from the Ctěnický háj complex, next to Bohdanečská Street, you will find a pitch for this gentlemen's game. Here it is played by the KRIKET Vinoř Club. Have you never practiced this sport? Would you like to? Try to become a bowler and get your opponent out. You can start at any time.



In Vinoř, you can buy practically everything you need for everyday life. You will find a mixed goods store, a stationery shop, a florist, a bakery, a sweet shop, a butcher's and a small Norma supermarket.



At present, a joint zoning building procedure for the RETAIL PARK Vinoř project in Dlabačov has been initiated. Subsequently, you will be able to buy good quality food, and enjoy additional services, close to your home. Everything will be built within 4 additional units in the retail park with sufficient parking capacity.

Zdravotnické centrum a Lékárnu Winlek

Winlek Health Centre and Pharmacy

The health centre and pharmacy with easy parking is located in the very centre of Vinoř, in Mladoboleslavská Street near the supermarket. You can use the services of a general practitioner for children, adolescents and adults. As to other specialists, there are dental, neurological and gynaecological surgeries here.


Post Office

The post office can be found in Bohdanečská Street. It is a sub-office with the usual range of postal services, including Czech POINT. So you won't have to travel far to get official documents, contracts and signatures certified.


Cash Point Machine

Located in the centre of Vinoř in Mladoboleslavská Street, the cash point machine is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Ctěnický zámek

Ctěnice Chateau

Listed as a cultural site of the Czech Republic, the chateau is actually just a few steps from your new home, part of the settlement of Ctěnice. It is a charming place for relaxation and romantic walks. The chateau garden literally encourages you to have a picnic here, perhaps for a family gathering. It is also possible to ride bikes around there.

Vinořský zámek

Vinoř Chateau

This beautiful Baroque architectural gem is now administered by the Ministry of the Interior and so people can only admire this historical building from the outside. The last true owner of the chateau was Count Otakar von Czernin.

U Černínů

U Černínů

This popular restaurant can be found in the very centre of Vinoř, on the main road - Mladoboleslavská Street. They serve truly great food here, not only Czech cuisine, but also pizza. People like to come here for the specific selection of beers. If you want to taste interesting seasonal specials, then pop in here and be pleasantly surprised. This traditional establishment with a really unusual selection for beer and food lovers, linked to the history of Vinoř, is open every day.

Restaurant – The Granary

The Granary Restaurant

In Ctěnice Chateau you can visit the Granary Restaurant, which offers delicious breakfast buffets, great beer and beer specials from the Antoš Brewery as well as exquisite dishes from the local master chef and excellent wines. In the summer months you can spend time in their outdoor seating area or pick up a picnic basket and enjoy a beautiful gourmet afternoon in the chateau garden.

Pod Vinořským zámkem

Pod Vinořským zámkem

The modern and stylishly furnished restaurant Pod Vinořským zámkem is known for its romantic, old Bohemian atmosphere. Thanks to its excellent cuisine it has become a traditional and sought-after place promising an unusual experience and people from near and far come to enjoy the varied culinary skills of the chefs. The master chef and his colleagues offer a wide range of Czech and international cuisine, as well as a selection of seasonal specialities all year round.

Hoffmanův dvůr

Hoffmanův dvůr

Up for an interesting film or concert? In the premises of Hoffmanův dvůr (Hoffman’s yard), events for both adults and children are held. The site has a romantic restaurant, large yard and a wine cellar. It is a place to where everyone from Vinoř and the surroundings likes to go for culture and fun. It is a meeting place the whole year round. Film showcases are held here, along with many classical concerts and smaller festivals such as, for instance, Rocková pípa. With children, you’ll have fun for sure at the “witches” festival, carnivals and lantern parades. More than one guy from Vinoř even said his YES to his chosen one (and more than one woman said YES to her chosen one) here. Hoffmanův dvůr is just tailored for parties, functions and weddings.

Ctěnický zámek

Ctěnice Chateau

There are several permanent displays and exhibitions in the Ctěnice chateau complex. In addition to exhibitions, accompanying events are held, such as carnivals, harvest festivals, Advent and Easter creative workshops, and other crafts and traditional folk culture events.

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