Living in the neighborhood of Ctěnický háj

Project Ctěnický háj can be found on the north-east periphery of Prague. Just a few steps from the complex, there is a beautiful forest park which was originally a part of the complex of Ctěnice Chateau. The place and its surroundings offers many possibilities for sports enthusiasts and many options for various trips. In the immediate vicinity, there are kindergartens and schools, shops, a post office and a restaurant. A peaceful locality in the centre of nature, near to everything you need for your life: that is what project Ctěnický háj means.

Place for living

Would you like to live in a peaceful and safe area which is not isolated and there are all civil facilities in the surroundings? Dwell in the neighbourhood of a beautiful forest park and still 30 minutes from the centre of Prague. The location of project Ctěnický háj is also very well accessible, close to a stop of Prague public transportation. Passive living in the neighbourhood of nature which is environmentally friendly and gentle to your family budget.

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Transport connections

Housing in project Ctěnický háj is very well accessible. You can easily get here by public transportation, metro, buses or cars from the centre of Prague.

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Work-life balance

The work-life balance or putting personal and working life in balance in other words is an important factor even when choosing a place to live. The distance to work, kindergarten or school your children visit, the way you spend your free time, whether you can work from home and comfortably commute to meetings, space for community living; all these things have an impact.

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