Types of houses

The entire Ctěnický háj project has been designed as a complex, balanced and functional urban concept for the long-term sustainable prosperity of the entire place and its community. Therefore, it consists of four different architectural house types where absolutely everyone can find their dream home. The individual house types are designed with respect to their location within the overall project, reflecting not only the surrounding views, plots, the movement of the sun and the efficient use of space, but each one individually forms a harmonious body of the modern development. The names chosen for the house types clearly indicate their layout and intended use.


The form of the building design is based on pure geometry. The rectangular prism of the structure is crowned with a gable roof. The proportions of the house have been inspired by the classic dimensions of the interwar buildings in the old part of the village. It is a ground floor dwelling with a residential attic and an attached garage with a flat roof. The structural purity of the building is enhanced by material simplicity. It has light textured plaster and the colour scheme of folded plate roof covering is close to the wall surface. The unification of the wall and roof colours emphasises the distinctive geometric form of the buildings. The contact of the house with the garden and the movement around is stimulated by the natural elements of the façade - wooden panelling, shutters, terraces, all made of the same type of wood.

Benefiting maximally from being west-facing, the building is accessed from Hrušková Street. There are two variations of the structure positioning in the plot. In the first case it is set back from the road by the length of the driveway in front of the garage, in the second, the edge of the garage directly adjoins the edge of the street. The alternating variations support the idea of a vibrant public space.

Location: North side of the complex


The building is based on the same principles and layout as the XXL houses. The difference is in the size - while the XXL house is categorised as 6+1, the L house is in the 5+1 category. The L houses have to respond to more connection points in the area and therefore have more variations in the positioning of the garage and the building itself. Either the garage is in direct contact with the house or there is a covered entrance area between the house and the garage. The most frequent variation is the L-shaped plan, i.e. the garage is located next to the house. The other main group of L-shaped houses has the garage set along the shorter side of the building. Due to the orientation of the entrance this layout comes in two styles - one has an adjoining garage and the other one has an entrance corridor around the house. There are then sub-variations based on one or other of the main principles of the layout.

Location: Between Hrušková and Pod Vinoří Streets


The house supports the architectural significance of the public space - Central Park. Although its shape is similar to that of a terraced house, the actual structure corresponds more to the character of a detached building connected by garages. Thus, the house does not stand out in the park space as a barrier, but as a permeable form of linear profile. The garage is always positioned on the boundary of the plot and the house itself is set back further from the street.

The house is based on the pure geometric form of a cube adjoined with the rectangular prism-shaped garage. A flat roof covers both the house and garage. The ground floor of the house is complemented by the natural elements of terraces, façade cladding and awnings.

Location: Along Central Park

TETRIS S houses are completely sold out.


The two-level flat-roofed apartment building has been conceived as an "end structure" of Ctěnický háj. A remarkable feature of the house is its upper floor, which exceeds the ground floor in volume. The covered parts of the ground floor then serve as parking spaces. The space of terraces in front of individual apartments dominates the overall look of the upper floor. The distinctive line bordering the recessed façade gives the building an impressive image. The west-facing terraces underline the utility value of the apartments. The unique character of the building's street line will be finished off with climbing plants that will make their way up the architectural element of steel cables stretched in the shape of a triangle, which is the visual leitmotif of the entire project.

The regular rhythm of the building elements supported by planted trees is reflected in the name of the whole building - ALLEY. The dominating role of this structure in the complex is underlined by the materials chosen and their colour scheme, which contrasts with the light style of the individual houses. The main mass of the upper floor has a dark design of the façade created by wall cladding. As opposed to the shell, the interior space has been based on contrasts with the wooden panelling of the walls, ceiling and terrace floor. The plaster of the ground floor is painted in a lighter grey.

Location: Western boundary of the site

Apartments in the TETRIS ALLEY apartment building are completely sold out.

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