Work-life balance

In harmonisation of work and family life, a great role is also played by the place where people live

„Today, people want more from their life. They don’t want to just go to work and come back home in the evening. They want to care about their children more, to dedicate themselves to their hobbies and also to participate more in life in the place where they live,“ says Daniela Vašíčková from the non-governmental organisation Family and Job.

Harmonisation of work and family life can also have the form of work from home. Many people are nowadays using the space of their home instead of offices. In office spaces, important meetings with clients, co-workers or customers take place. So that you could work from home well, whether with occasional or everyday home office, it is necessary to appropriately adjust the environment where you spend your time. In houses of the L and XXL type, the space of the study is designed in a very functional and elegant manner. You will be able to adapt it according to your needs and thereby to work undisturbed at any time day or night, as you need. This without disturbing anyone or being disturbed. Since many people today work with clients all over the world, therefore work across time zones, for instance, is much more common than you would have thought at first.

Work-life balance

High-speed internet and a study, that’s the basic

What do you need to work from home at ease? The fundamental element today is high-speed internet and peaceful environment, at best, your own study. Good connection is unconditional. That’s why optical cables are included in the plans of the Ctěnický háj site, thanks to which it will be possible for you to connect to the internet not only in the environment of your home and your own study, but also at the children’s playground or in any relaxation zone. This way, you can use the internet both for work and relaxation.

In houses of types XXL and L, space for a study is singled out where you will successfully finish even the most demanding work tasks, thanks to the peaceful environment where you won’t be disturbed by anything or anyone. And after a challenging working day, only one thing suggests itself: a walk around the surroundings of Ctěnický háj, relaxation during nature observation or just turning your head and stream of thoughts off for a minute while riding a bike on one of the adjacent cycling routes. Or do you prefer golf?

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